This game will leave you buzzing!

Watch out! This game might sting… and lead you to the Super Jackpot.

Fly on paper-thin wings to the magical Beehive, where the sweet, sweet honey has crystalized and turned into the most beautiful jewels.

Get a minimum of 3 adjacent symbols and you will be awarded a win! Get more wins in a row and watch how the multiplicator makes your winnings grow and grow and groooow.

New game mechanic: Bonus symbols!

Did a Beehive Symbol drop onto your reels? Then you’re in luck!

The Beehive Symbol magically transforms into one of three bonus symbols:

  • The Swarm: Matches all symbols of one colour.
  • The Bomb: Explodes all surrounding symbols.
  • Streak of Five: Collect 5 similar symbols in one go.

Multiplier: Up to x100 value of your win!

In the Beehive, the flower multiplicator shows you how much your win will be multiplied by. Get 2 or more matches in a row and watch your prize skyrocket x2, x5, x10, x25, x50 or even X100!

Have a Hap-bee day!