Spilnu Grand Prix 2015 and children’s cycling race

Tour de France atmosphere in Aalborg!

On tuesday, July 28, just two days after this year’s Tour de France, it is time for the annual Spilnu Grand Prix, a professional cycling race starting and ending at Boulevarden in downtown Aalborg. Just like last year, some of the best Danish cyclists as well as some stardust from abroad will be competing! Amongst others, you will be able to see superstars like Danish Jakob Fuglsang sprint through the streets of Aalborg.

Spilnu.dk is again the main sponsor for the race.

Children’s cycling race – a unique experience for kids!

This year, children may have a unique experience, since there will be a children’s race on the same 1,8 km route through Aalborg, just before the professionals are competing.
All children, who are between 6 and 12 years old, can participate. They will be cycling for 30 minutes, trying to complete as many rounds as possible.
There will be medals for all participating children at Friis Centret, as well as the opportunity to get an autograph of Jacob Fuglsang.
All earnings will be donated to “Julemærkehjemmene”.