Meet your new feathery friend in The Raft!

Sail out on an incredible adventure on the open sea. Share your raft with a mystical seagull that will cheer you on all the way to great prizes. If you’re lucky, the wind in your sail will guide you to one of four exciting bonus games that can all lead you to a Jackpot Flash!

Find the golden secrets of the ocean.

Glistening pearls, loaded treasure chests
and heavy gold bars decorate the reels in
The Raft. Try your luck and match 3 treasure
maps to enter one of the exciting bonus games:

Fishing Trip, Lucky Load, Land A-hoy and Game Chance.

Land A-hoy: Your way to the Super Jackpot!

In the bonus game Land A-hoy the seagull has found a deserted island full of hidden treasures, but needs your help finding them.
Guide your feathery friend around on the island with your 8 moves. If you collect 3 treasure maps you go straight to Super Jackpot Flash!
The best part?

When you’re in the bonus game, you are guaranteed a prize!