Ladies and gentlemen: Step right up!

Sideshow has come to town – Peek behind the curtain and see the bearded lady, the human cannonball, the Siamese clowns, and many more outrageous attractions!

Sideshow is a 9-wheel, 8 line slot with no less than 3 bonus games. Try the Spinning Hand for a random reward, join the Showtime tour and collect bonuses, pop balloons in the Knife Throwing game, and see the future with the Fortune Teller. Each spin and each bonus game is a chance to win big, including two progressive Jackpots.


Go on tour with Sideshow and aim for high rewards on the wheels and on the stage.

Try your fortune in the many exciting bonusgames, such as the Fortuneteller or the Balloonpop game.


Entertainment guaranteed!