Betty’s Burgers

Welcome to your new favourite burger joint: Betty’s Burgers.

Listen to sweet tunes from the jukebox, watch the waitresses dance around on roller skates and be amazed by the taller than tall towers of burgers.

Helt nye måder at vinde på!

A new way of winning!

In Betty’s Burgers you can win the usual way – but you also have three new chances for winning:

  • Fill up the trays above the reels.
  • Get 12 silver orders and win a bonus game.
  • Get 8 golden orders and win a bonus game.
Dyk ned i hele 5 spændende bonusspil!

Dive into 5 exciting bonus games!

Betty’s Burgers is always bustling with happy customers. Help Betty managing the place by serving coffee to thirsty customers, build the tallest burger in the land, spin the record in the jukebox, speed around town with takeaway orders or find the most mouth-watering piece of pie.

There is enough to do – see you!