Bank Walt

Bank Walt invites you back to the golden 1920’s

Glittering gold, liquor and fine cigars that ooze 1920’s atmosphere. Join Walt, as he invites you back to the golden days, with a chance to win gold and cash. Bank Walt is a 5-reel, 3-row, 20 line video slot with 2 progressive jackpots.

The game revolves around two exciting bonus games: Bank Vault, opened by four matching vault symbols, gets you into the vault with a chance to open one box after another filled with money. In the Code Lock bonus game, you get 10 chances to pick the vault lock. Win gold coins on your way, but try to pick the lock for the chance to win the big Super Jackpot flash.

Look for the right symbols on the wheels and break the bank for maximum winnings.

Can you crack the combination for the vault? Getting access means big money, big rewards and big fun.