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Presenting Balloon Buster 3

Balloon Buster 3The circus has come to town, and it has brought a whole new take on one of our all-time classics: Balloon Buster! This third game in the series, introduces a new direction – you are still busting balloons, but now they are realistically simulated by an advanced physics engine. This presents new challenges to the player, and a more fun and dynamic experience compared to the previous games in the series.

The game features several game modes, and constant highscore competitions for everyone to take part in. Many of the classic power-ups has made a return, but a few new ones have been added as well. Play the game to find out, and remember your earmuffs – these balloons are popping loudly!

Polish your sweet tooth with Candy Boost

Candy BoostThe hungry dog from Cookie Boost has left Paris, and is now eating candies in London. The game might look a bit like Cookie Boost, but Candy Boost is a whole new beast. You are looking for groups of similar candies to collect – and you are under time presure to do so. Click, click, click and pray you hit just enough candies and power-ups to make it in time. The game has more than 1000 levels, and just enough challenge to drive you mad.

Play it now, on all our casual game sites.

Cookie Boost is here to challenge you

Cookie BoostA puzzle game featuring a french pastry chef and a farting dog – how could that ever work? In Cookie Boost you get one minute (plus plenty of bonus seconds) to collect an outrageous amount of cakes for a very hungry dog. The basic mechanics revolves around searching for squares, with the same cake in each corner – it sounds almost too simple, but it is not! On the contrary, finding that lone square in a grid full of cakes is incredibly hard – especially when you must do it fast.

Cookie Boost has a sweet theme, but an evil challenge – play it, if you like your puzzle games hard and brutal!

Picture Logic Color is here!

Picture Logic ColorIn 2010 we released one of our most successful games to date: Picture Logic – a puzzle-game, where players had the ability to create their own puzzles. Almost 400.000 levels has been created, and the game has consistently been among our most played games. Now though – it is time to retire Picture Logic, cause a sequel has been born. It’s called Picture Logic Color, and it’s as addictive as the original! This time the levels are in full color, which dramatically increases the both their challenge and visual fidelity. The game has all new graphics, catchy music and of course players can still create their very own levels.

Find Picture Logic Color on on of our portal sites.

Inflated animals on the loose in Bubble Zoo

Bubble ZooThe latest game to emerge from the CEGO offices, is called Bubble Zoo. It’s certainly our most pretty game to date, and a strong contender in the bubble shooter genre. Featuring two different game modes, with a third coming soon, and an addictive high score competition format the game has quickly become our most popular title.

Bubble Zoo is out on each of our portals, and we are investigating the feasibility of iOS-, Android- and Chrome Store-versions. More on this, in the event we decide to go forward with it.

Mythic Solitaire breaks out

From the dark depths of the CEGO factory, a new game has spawned. It’s called Mythic Solitaire and it’s an epic fantasy card game, featuring a world in peril, a mystic evil, a fellowship of five magical creatures and an Elven girl to lead them. A terrible plaque has trapped all good creatures in pure crystal, and only by solving the magical cards, can the crystals be shattered.

Mythic Solitaire has well known solitaire card mechanics and five magical creatures you can collect, level up and bring in to help solve the cards by magic. There are three huge game modes, and content to keep you busy for weeks. The game is our final farewell to Java as a development platform, and is available on every one of our portal sites.

Puzzle Beach is out!

Puzzle BeachAvast, it’s time to set sail for the seven seas! In Puzzle Beach you are helping a jolly band of pirates, in a (futile) effort to protect their treasures from vicious monsters from the sea. The game builds upon the triple merge mechanics made famous by the strategic match-3 game Triple Town by Spry Fox, and adds ideas inspired by the tower defense genre. The result is an original puzzle game with huge depth and replay value.

Puzzle Beach features seven seas, with five missions in each of them giving you hours of solid gameplay. Every mission can be completed for stars, and then replayed forever to beat the high scores. The game is available on each of our portal sites now.

Jigsaw Puzzle 2 released

Jigsaw Puzzle 2Jigsaw Puzzle 2 has now been released across all our portals. It is the next generation jigsaw experience, with wonderful piece handling and the ability use the full screen. You can puzzle with up to 200 pieces and even give the pieces different shapes. The game is continually expanded with new pictures to puzzle, and new cool features like the much awaited option to puzzle your own pictures.

Jigsaw Puzzle 2 is the first HTML5 game developed using our own in-house framework.

Marble Kingdom has launched!

A new game is available on all our major portals: Marble Kingdom is a colorful adventure in a world of marbles. In it’s essence it’s a marble blaster, and with several different game modes, power-ups and plenty of levels it ranks above the competition in this crowded genre.

One of the unique elements in Marble Kingdom is it’s puzzle mode levels. In these levels, you are not challenged on reaction skills but on your wits – blast the marbles using as few shots as possible. Of course there are regular marble blasting action and tough survival chaos too – in short, there should be plenty of entertainment for any kind of player.

Voodoo Friends available on iPhone and iPad

Voodoo FriendsWe are proud to announce, that as of today CEGO has a great game available for the iPad and iPhone! The game is our popular puzzle platformer Voodoo Friends – a game where you are controlling three different voodoo dolls on a quest for yarn. Pierce them with needles, collect yarn and achieve three-starred scores in each of the more than 400 levels. The game is fun, challenging and a brain puzzling experience for the even the most clever players.

Find the game on the App Store, or in iTunes right here: Voodoo Friends